Educational building with laboratories, offices & amphitheater in the complex of Arsakeia Schools. Design, detailing, working drawings and construction supervision. Owner: ARSAKEIA SCHOOLS OF PATRA, 'Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning' (Philekpaideftiki Etaireia). 3.500 m²

Architects: KPPS SA/M. Kaltsa-James Panagos-
V. Papandreou. Collaborating architect: E. Sesti. Structural engineer: G. Tsivos. Mechanical-electrical engineer: PROTON Ltd. Passive fire protection study: S. Nikolaou. Tender documents: G. Gougas. 3D model: Anaparastassi.
Construction: INTRAKAT SA

Within a special educational environment, students -and the public- may approach natural phenomena and the scientific methods to understand them. The employed methodology of using interactive exhibits and experiments as learning toys, stimulates thought, curiosity and imagination, adding the elements of inventiveness and creativity to the traditional classroom work. Cognitive approach encourages young people to think and develop new ideas, leading to a deeper understanding of Science. The Center hosts thousands of visitors from Greece and Europe and offers numerous collaborative programs for tele-learning.