BFH (Bahrain Financial Harbor) commissioned the design of a number of projects in order to complete its new headquarter complex: the building entry reception, F.F.&E for their executive offices of 800m², and the BFH Art Gallery of 300m² within the atrium. Metal structures: P. Zahariades, structural engineer. Acoustical engineer: Th. Theagenis. 3D model:
E. Virirakis. Construction: SAF Allestimenti Ltd

The BFH Art Gallery was designed as an elaborate “kit” structure. It was first fabricated in Italy within 50 days, then shipped and re-assembled in the atrium of the BFH headquarter complex, to house an active local gallery. Its walls are made of polycarbonate panels, plasterboards and glass panels. It is a light-weight precise construct with an aluminum body, meant to transform when color and light penetrate its abstract “mousharabieh” skin. The play of scales, reflections and conditions (inside/out, enclosure/openness, local/global, large/small, silent/busy) combine in a meticulously detailed structure.