ELLAKTOR SA Headquarters, Athens (2004-2007)

All details and working drawings, in collaboration with the office of A. and D. Biris- the project's architect, for the construction of ELLAKTOR SA headquerters, a leading Greece-based holding company with investments in the fields of building construction, infrastructure, waste management, energy and Real Estate (photo from the site of Biris-Tsiraki architects). 3D model by KPPS SA. 31.500 m²

Architects: Office of A. and D. Biris: project architect T. Biris with collaborating architects K. Biris,
S. Tsiraki, K. Velika. Details and working drawings: KPPS SA-Kaltsa, Panagos, Papandreou with collaborating architect E. Sesti. Structural engineer: S. Stathopoulos. Mechanical-electrical engineer: TEAM M-H SA. Passive fire protection study:
S. Nikolaou. Acoustical engineer: G. Schubert